Message from the Principal

A Leader in Inspirational Learning Programmes

Ҵý has been serving the Nelson community for nearly 60 years. Over this time it has being a leader in developing inspirational learning programmes, nurturing students to reach their full potential and has placed a high value on developing independent, confident learners who have control of their own futures.

A Fresh Vision For Our Future

As we move forward Ҵý is taking the best of our past and merging it with a fresh vision for our future. We want our reputation as a school that ensures our students leave us as confident, adaptable contributors to be blended with a clear, professional focus and vision of meeting the learning needs of young adults in the 21st Century.

A genuine partnership with our families and whānau

The quality of a school reflects the quality of its relationship with the community it serves. At Ҵý we strive to have a genuine partnership with our families/ whānau and know that this relationship is integral to improving the achievement outcomes of our students.

I invite you to join us in this exciting period in history of our school. Together we can ensure that our young people are the confident leaders of the future.


Hannah Banks
Acting Principal 2024

Picture by Tim Cuff - 30 April 2019 - Ҵý Prospectus pictures, Nelson, New Zealand

Daniel Wilson

(on secondment 2024)

What People Are Saying About Ҵý

"The time I spent at Nayland was a defining factor in the attainment of my dream career. Ҵý is not just a school – it is a unique environment that fosters so much more than just academic achievement, but also the development of who you are as a person. It is a place that encourages its students to dream big."

- Rory East, Royal Marine

"I had a great time at Nayland. I was taught and supported by a series of excellent teachers and I also hugely enjoyed all the different extra-curricular activities. Nayland gave me a fantastic education and the confidence to try new things, both of which have stood me in great stead later in life.”

- Kinley Salmon, Sir Douglas Myers Scholar at the University of Cambridge and author of 'Jobs, Robots and Us'

"More than anything else, Ҵý helped me to find my confidence. This is a school where students matter as individuals, and where many great teachers encouraged me to make the most of an amazing breadth of subjects and extra-curricular activities on offer."

- Kimberley Savill, Rhodes Scholar

"I loved Nayland for its acknowledgement that school isn’t just classes. I loved the extra-curricular activities; the school show, senior ball, newspaper and the broader environment that allowed me to learn a range of skills and most importantly, how to work in a team."

- Carthew Neal, Film and Television Producer: 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople,' 'Jojo Rabbit,' 'The Breaker Upperers,' 'Baby Done,' 'Tickled' and 'Dark Tourist'